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    "Long Day"

    by Dawnesja


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    The unknown story behind this historic photo

    powerfully proud

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  5. yep

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  6. "I need someone who
    Sees the fire in my eyes and
    wants to play with it."
    — Haiku by l.s.f.   (via arae-of-sunshine)

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  7. "I found out I was riding for people who wouldn’t even WALK for me"
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  10. illumistrations:

    Hot Springs, original artwork.

    Big hair don’t care…or something like that.  

    If you would like to purchase this as an 11” x 17” print, I can direct you here. (Storenvy)

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    Amazing Zodiac Facts Here

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  12. poetsprologue:

    your name would sound better

    in sighs of broken syllables across

    the bed sheets than it ever would

    coming from a dirty mouth like mine.

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  13. "You are one who light has not yet touched
    but that love has smothered with kisses, hugs, lies and bruises.
    Your glow is waiting; and a true love that will not leave you distorted is pacing in front of your heart’s door.
    I know you hear it knocking; come out."
    — Emerge, Alex Elle (via alexandraelle)

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